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How to access old payslips after deactivating payroll module?

jonjhearnjonjhearn Member Posts: 1

We recently deactivated our payroll module on Reckon as it was no longer needed moving forward. We are trying to put together documentation now for our annual audits, and have discovered that the entire payroll section, including where we could find old payslips, has disappeared. How can I access the payslips that were already created when we were subscribed to the payroll module?

Best Answer

  • Eric MurphyEric Murphy Member Posts: 118
    Accepted Answer

    You need to add the payroll module back on if you want to access it. Just remove it again after you're done.

    I usually add & remove modules quite a lot, helps to cut down on costs when I don't need it and then add again temporarily when I do.

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