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Price Level List

Ch3rylCh3ryl Member Posts: 3

I need to set up price lists for about 15 customers and print a report that shows only those items applicable to those customers.

In addition, some of these customers may have the same item

Question is two-fold

  1. Setting up the price list for each customer
  2. Print a price Level list for each customer that shows only their items.


  • Jay Jay LiJay Jay Li Reckon Staff Posts: 30

    Hi you can try the following.

    Under edit go-to preference, under sales and customers on the company preference side there is a use price level option, once ticked the box you can find the price level list under the list drop-down, and you can assign the prices level under customer details.

    for your 2nd question.

    Printing a Price Level report

    1. Go to the Lists menu and click Price Level List.
    2. Select the appropriate price level from the list.
    3. Open the report for the selected price level by:
    • right-clicking the selected price level and then choosing Price Level Report
    • or
    • clicking Reports at the bottom of the window and then choosing Selected Price Level Report
    1. Click Print at the top of the report and then click Print in the Print Reports window.
    2. (Optional) Click Preview to view without printing.

  • Ch3rylCh3ryl Member Posts: 3

    hi Jay Jay

    Thanks for that. Had already done both those suggestions.

    1st question - already done

    2nd question - brings up all items.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Ch3rylCh3ryl Member Posts: 3

    F/up - Have just spoken to Reckon Support and they have confirmed the price list report does not return a price list just for that price list. It includes everything in the item list.

    Not really much point in having this function!!!

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