Seeking technical assistance

Jan_Paulga Member Posts: 2

I am dissatisfied with the performance of my copy of Reckon Personal Plus which continually refreshes the screen during input of transactions. The introduction page/calendar page appears briefly and then returns to the transaction (after changing details such as the date, account or amount). Reckon Customer Service advised me to try here. It seems inappropriate to have to contact a discussion group rather than a technical support site for Reckon.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,078 Community Manager Community Manager

    As a troubleshooting measure, can I suggest you try the following steps -

    • Close Personal Plus
    • Right click the desktop background
    • Select 'Personalize' to open the Preview page
    • In the 'Background' field, select Solid colour;
    • Close the screen.
    • Launch Personal Plus

    Use Personal Plus as you normally would after that including the activity you'd normally conduct when you encounter the flicker issues. Does the issue persist?

  • Jan_Paulga
    Jan_Paulga Member Posts: 2

    Yes it does still act unstable during data entry.