How do I add an image or screenshot to my discussion?

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Adding a screenshot or image is a great way to add visual context to your discussion.

It can also be extremely helpful to add when you've run into an issue that requires troubleshooting so that fellow Community members can see where things have gone astray, and in turn hopefully lead to a solution faster.

Adding a screenshot or image to your discussion is super easy and you have a couple of ways to do so. We'll start with the easiest way first.

1️⃣ Drag & drop

If you have an image file saved to your PC that you'd like to include in your post you can simply drag the file into the conversation field and the Community will process and add the image to your discussion.

2️⃣ Upload image

You can also use the 'Upload Image' button from the options at the bottom of the conversation field. This will open a window which will allow you to find and select an image file from where its saved on your PC.

🖱️Adjusting the size & position of your image

There are options to adjust the size and position of your image so that you can tailor the look & appearance of your discussion. To do so, click on the image itself once its uploaded, you will options to adjust the position to the Left, Centre or Right and for sizing, the Community can adjust it to Small, Medium or Large.

Please note: The results you receive using these options are dependent on the dimensions of the original image uploaded.

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