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How do I go about entering a payroll repayment from an employee. My employee is on Paid Parental Leave. Centrelink are now paying her direct. We had to pay her initially as Centrelink didn't have it all together and she would have been 6 weeks without income if we had not paid the PPL to her directly. Centrelink have now paid her a lump sum for the 6 weeks that we paid her and she has repaid the net amount paid to her from us. I have tried entering a negative but that of course Reckon does not like that ! Her PPL payments from us were processed as normal pays and sent through to STP, so I need to know how to adjust all of that out?????


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    Can’t you just delete the payments made to her that should equal the amount deposited and the reconciliation will still be correct. Any changes will be picked up on the EOFY finalisation. Or you could do an update submission for the weeks she was paid, assuming there were other employees paid in those weeks.

    ‘that’s all I have to suggest, but many others may have a better solution

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    Delete the PPL Paycheques paid to the employee & instead enter them as Write Cheques - under the same employee name (disregard the warning message) - posting to a PPL Payroll Expenses sub account (no tax code!)

    Record the repayments from the employee as Make Deposit transactions using the same employee name & the same PPL sub account. This will clear the applicable PPL amounts out & remove them from the Payroll.

    If the employee is not being paid again in this FY, submit an STP Update Event (for this employee only) for the last Pay Event they had a Pay in. This will correct the STP YTD figures.

    NOTE: Due to a long standing glitch that drops out the Payee name in stand-alone deposits, you will need to select/enter the employee name in the bank register on their Deposits. This will then display these entries in the employee’s transactions.

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