Unable to load DLL:C: Programm Files

Hi, I had to reinstall Quicken 2012 Home and business.

When activation is complete and I try and open Quicken I get the error message:

Unable to load DLL:C: Programm Files (86) Quicken convert 03 qd3.dll

Also the message:

required dlls for converting your data file is missing. please re-install Quicken.

I have tried several times. how can I fix this?


  • splivingston
    splivingston Member Posts: 1

    I use Personal Plus and I have had this problem too. Perhaps recklessly I just clicked OK, etc. When I had time I went back to see if the backup file was stored. In my previous versions of Personal Plus the backup contained .QDF, .QEL and .HCX files and now only contains .RKN files. I was a bit worried and called Support who confirmed the backup is an .RKN file. When I do a search in my files, the current .QDF is still there on my PC hard drive and loads into Personal Plus. My concern is that if the PC dies, the .RKN backup file on my external hard drive might not load all my current data. Has anyone else found this?