'ABN already registered' during migration to the Payroll App

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Why am I receiving an 'ABN already registered' message when migrating from the STP app to the Payroll App?

This message will appear in the Payroll App if your ABN has previously been registered to our GovConnect service.

GovConnect is our STP gateway which is used in conjunction with other full fledged Reckon software such as Reckon One, Reckon Accounts Hosted, Reckon Accounts Business (Desktop) etc to send STP submissions to the ATO from the Reckon Portal.

What is Reckon doing about it?

We have identified that the overwhelming majority of cases are where a user has registered their ABN to GovConnect, in some cases years ago, but has never been used and is not required.

Our teams are currently working behind the scenes to remove these old unnecessary/unrequired GovConnect registrations so that users who are migrating from the STP app to the Payroll App won't face any interruptions.

I previously used GovConnect to send submissions but then switched to the STP app. I'm now trying to migrate to the Payroll App, what do I do?

If you have previously registered your ABN to GovConnect and used it to send STP submissions to the ATO using some other Reckon software eg. Reckon One, Reckon Accounts Hosted etc, please get in touch with us. We cannot delete GovConnect registrations that have been used to send STP data to the ATO however there are other options we can look at for you.

I have some other issue that is preventing migration to the Payroll App, what do I do?

If you are experiencing an issue that is different to what has been outlined above, please create a new discussion on the Community here and give us as much information as possible on what's happening, we're more than happy to assist.

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