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SG Super Reporting

TAPSTAPS Member Posts: 4

I would like to know if there is a way that I can adjust the SG Super figures in the new Payroll App. We are a small business and employ one closely held employee, who works casual hours when the need arises. We have always paid SG Super on all wages as this is easiest for us to administrate. I was able to enter the total SG Super for each pay run in the Free Reckon STP App, but I don't believe I'm able to do this in the new Payroll App. I'm using the Basic Plan. We would prefer to continue to pay the full 10% of SG Super on all wages paid, regardless of whether our employee earns under or below $450.00 in one month, as this is easiest for us.

I'm concerned that when I get to doing the EOFY Report to the ATO for the 2021-2022 Financial Year from the Payroll App, that the SG Super total won't match the total of SG Super we have actually paid for our employee.

Is there a way that I can or will be able to enter or adjust the actual amount of SG Super that we will be paying for our employee??


  • COCSANTCOCSANT Member Posts: 1

    I have a similar issue around the SG reporting in the new app as we pay SG at a higher rate and super also applies to non-reportable income meaning the super calculated is incorrect. The SG in the EOFY Report to the ATO will not mach the SG we have paid to the employee.

    I would also like to know if there is a way to manually adjust the amount of SG reported in the Free Reckon Payroll App.

  • JanJan Member Posts: 14

    I usually round things up to the nearest dollar not pay in cents so the old app was easy just write gross pay tax & super paid when you pay the super .I pay monthly

    So does this mean I write the difference down as a bonus? & then the super is out & also the paid leave

  • Kez123Kez123 Member Posts: 2

    I just changed the super rate:

    from the 10% - app allows you to even do decimal up to 4 places, so can get accurate...

  • pipwarnerpipwarner Member Posts: 6

    As we also pay above the standard super rate to our employees I want to be able to enter that amount manually- any tips.

    Also as we pay super 1/4ly I am having trouble entering the super we paid for April-June 2021.

    The old app was so much better...

  • Kez123Kez123 Member Posts: 2

    I just revise the 10% for SG, so correct amount paid shows.

    I do not believe it matters when you actually pay your super whether that be monthly or 1/4ly, just enter correct amounts in the pay run, as long as totals match what has been paid for EOFY.

    Not sure but you may have to do adjustments now to enter super paid for April-Jun 2021, or adjust in EOFY report.

  • pipwarnerpipwarner Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for your help @Kez123

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