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All payments have been filed with ATO and all correct but EOFY report missing one pay for one employee. However checking all pays for the year and filing, this according to the app is done. When the employee checks on Mygov there is one pay missing????? HELP


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    @Interpower Not sure if you are using STP app or the Payroll App. Need to be sure as how you fix can vary.

    However, somethings to check - are all Payruns in the app showing success, i.e., no error or pending status.

    Keen to know how you work out all payments are filed with ATO. Are you able to verify this with the STP reporting in the ATO Business Portal if you are using it.

    Technically Employees Mygov (Income Statement which is Year to Date) showing same as the app EOFY summary in the app is a good situation to be in. Question is which is the offending Payrun.

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    Using STP app, all payruns have been submitted and filed with ATO each payrun is confirmed on the app as done. Yet the balance for one employee is missing a pay. This has been confirmed because the employee is on a salary and not an hourly rate. If all pays show they have been filed with the ATO how can I find the missing pay? The filing I refer to is from the app and not the ATO.

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    @Interpower Thanks for confirming you are using the old Reckon STP app.

    My suggestion is to compare the figures showing in the Employee YTD for 20/21 in STP app with what the employee's Income Statement for 20/21 in ATO Mygov is showing. If this is what it should be then you will need some advice from Reckon support as to what the issue is with the employee YTD summary in STP.

    If the ATO Income Statement is also missing the pay run, then create a new payrun in STP (for 20/21) to cover the difference. Make sure the Employee ATO Income Statement has been updated correctly before issuing the EOFY Final report.

    Make sure you are using dates in before 30/6/2021.