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I'm in the trial period and I'm struggling to make this work for our small business, 2 employees, 6 builders (cutsomers), 10 subbies (suppliers).

Have loads of questions based on our flow

  1. We are essentially tradies that work for project builders (set up builders in customer centre)
  2. The builder sends jobs (set up in customer : job) using their PO as the job name.
  3. I have entered each job as a sales orders using the PO provided by builder eg PO#withOrder# 1234-100, 1234-101, 1234-102 etc as there are up to 10 PO's for each job. Issue - can the number of digits be extended to the Sales order number field as I'm short 2 digits??? Can you attach the PO to this file???
  4. Then I send PO to our subbies (set up in the Supplier Centre) using the job number as the PO # (only send one PO for all jobs) - Issue: do I have to populate the information again as its similar to sales order input??? Also in PO can a customer be added to the Header rather than in the columns without enter the information manually using Other field???
  5. The subbie then buys materials through our supplier as they don't have account we do.
  6. We pay for the materials (have entered this into Enter Bills section) - Issue: have to enter all bills manually is there an easier option like MYOB or Xero you dowload or scan and it reads & populates???
  7. Subbie sends their invoice (receive bill) I enter the details in expense tab (using the select PO) - Issue: can't work out how to charge them for the materials they purchased which we pay for spearately as want to charge the supplier/subbie not the customer???? Can you attach the tax invoices to these expenses???
  8. We then invoice the builder (customer) for this job - I assume this is where I create invoice as yet to do this step. Issue - I need to attached their PO's to invoices and can't seem to find this function - can this be done and can you save with a set name convention???? Also how can you commence Invoice # from the last program you used say from #019685 rather than the default #1????
  9. And that's where I'm up to have not even looked at the employee function and chart of account set up for ins and outs of our business.

We are a simple business and thinking that Hosted is a bit dated and not user friendly and perhaps even time consuming with all entries and a hassle as cannot attach items to certain areas???

I researched all softwares prior and now thinking that maybe Reckon One or MYOB, Quickbooks or Xero maybe better suited as it appears more user friendly and easier accounting for dummies like me.

Alot of questions I know but thought I'd ask the community as trying to work out now if worth continuing???

Thanks Community.


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    Hi Mary

    Being jam-packed full of useful features (including many that aren't available in other software) RAH is used by many, many tradies & service-based businesses (mine included 😁) & it's search & reporting abilities are second to none!

    However - like any program - if you want to get the most out of it, have it set up correctly & get it customised specifically for your business, you would benefit by investing in some quality 1-on-1 training where all your questions can be answered & setup can be configured most efficiently for you (including automations where applicable)

    I'm happy to help so feel free to get in touch with me (email would probably be best) if you'd like further assistance with this 😊

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