How to set up annual and personal leave for part-time staff

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I am new to ReckonOne, I had trouble with setting up the annual and personal leave a part-time worker, please see attached photos, because this staff has varied hours each week, so I chose 'per time worked' to make ReckonOne calculate based on hours work on this pay, but however, if you check the leave balance, the leave hours isnt right after that pay, and also if I put a date under 'Project as at'

it doesn't work, not sure what is going wrong, probably you guys can help to fix it.




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    i have the same problem. Could you end up finding the solution?

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    Hi, @Sm1rza I have replied to your other original post. We can continue the discussion there.

    For casual employees, we usually do not select anything in annual and personal leave, so you can leave the entitlements at 0.

    They also have leave accrual 'Per time worked' instead of 'Per pay' or 'per hour''. Please change annual entitlements to 0 for both annual and personal leave, then revert the pay run to draft to delete and recreate payrun. 

    If there are multiple payruns now for this employee, you can change the leave entitlements from Employees>Leave>edit annual or personal leave, then scroll down to change available leaves so that from future, it will calculate and show correct leaves.