Reckon Accounts 2020 R2 Hosted crashing in Customer Center

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We are having problems with Reckon Accounts 2020 R2 Hosted crashing when you try access the customer center.

As far as I can tell it crashes on 3 customer records. The crash can be replicated.

1. Open Reckon

2. Sign in as any user

3. Click on Customer Center

4. Select the customer record “AH**** R*****a”.

5. Maximise Customer Center window 

It has been tested in Chrome (up to date), Edge and IE.

Tests have been conducted on 5 different computer systems varying from Windows 10 to Windows 2016 standard.

To rule out any third party software as interference I tested in Windows Sandbox mode. 

Tests were conducted using two different Reckon login accounts (Standard user account and the Administrator account).

All tests resulted in the same crash.

Upon further testing, I was able to work out that if you didn't maximise the customer center window it would load normally.

If you keep dragging the right side of the window to make it larger it works until you nearly reach the far right side and then crashes again.

If you change to a lower display resolution in Windows it doesn't crash.

The crash only occurs in the customer center.

I have tried resorting the list.

I have reset the columns to default.

I've verified the company file.

I've rebuilt the company file.

I've tried the advise given for a previous but similar matter I had from the link below but have had no success.

Has anyone had a similar issue or experience with Reckon Account 2020 R2 Hosted?

Any advise or assistance is appreciated.