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Re Superannuation payments synchronisation

Our Wages are paid once monthly and Superannuation is paid quarterly in the following month after the previous quarter is completed.

In the Reckon Payroll STP an automatic Superannuation calculation is made and included in the monthly Pay Run.

Firstly in July 2021 Pay Run how do I exclude Superannuation payments not yet paid.

Secondly the Super Payment due in July is for the previous quarter which is calculated on 9.5% not 10%.

Please advise how I can process the Super Payments correctly.


  • Joseph Li
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    Single Touch Payroll is not concerned with the actual payment of super. STP submits pay run details to the ATO.

    It is fine employer pays super quarterly, so long as quarterly super is equal to sum of super in pay runs of the previous quarter.

  • GOC
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    Thanks for your comment.