Apprentice qualify date

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Hi, I'm looking for an area in the employee card that I can enter the apprentice finish date of his/her apprenticeship. I don't want to use the End Date field as they will still be working with us but just not as an apprentice. We currently use the notes field and enter the date as free form text but when producing a report of all apprentices and selecting notes as a reported field, the response in the report is either "notes" or "no notes exist" rather than displaying the contents of the notes field. We already use Class to categorise our apprentices by 1st year, 2nd year etc. Any advice would be appreciated.




  • LindsayCampbell
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    We are using Contractor edition - Premier edition.

  • JudyA
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    Hi Lindsay,

    Can you set something up under the additional information tab for each employee? I use this to record various membership numbers for our employees, like redundancy scheme, and long service leave scheme etc. You can define the field and then enter a date. I'm pretty sure if you run an employee contact report, you can select to have these defined fields appear in the report. You could then modify and memorise the report once you have all the details on it.


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    perfect - Thanks Judy - that will work, I appreciate the response. I will also steal your idea on the LSL member numbers etc. as that is relevant for us also. :-)