Reckon to 3rd party integration issue

Jan Byers
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Hi. Is anyone using Acctivate desktop with Reckon Accounts desktop 2021? I have a client who has been using the two together successfully for a couple of years but is now having issues with the export from Acctivate since upgrading about a week ago. They upgraded to get the new tax scales. All the line items are coming across as zero amounts and a new line is being created for the total invoice against the tax item. Were there any changes to the file structure, API or anything? Need help please


  • PhuongDo
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    Hi Jan,

    There is a change recently. With Reckon 2021, the API/SDK accepts gross amount (tax included) as the total amount.

    In the past versions, the API/SDK receive the net amount and the old Reckon will calculate the total for you based on the selected tax rate.

    I guess they will need to contact the other vendor to update the code.

  • Rav
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    Hi Jan,

    I've just checked in with the API team in relation to this and yes it looks like its an issue that the team are working through at the moment. The guys have given me the doc linked below which outlines this and it also contains a workaround in the interim.

  • cosmic
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    Yes, there is a change with Tax Inclusive in desk top version .

    Interferences to the Add on clients and additional work required .😀

  • Jan Byers
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    Thanks guys for you prompt responses. Now for the fun part for my client and contacting Acctivate 😉