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I have 2 people employed .. One a family member fulltime who gets a salary whether we have work or not and has as many days leave as she wants.. the other is a casual who works as many hours as needed between 10 and 30 per week.. I am finding it impossible to set up payroll. stp was so simple just pay tax super etc .the new APP is impossible for me to set up.

There seems to be nothing between sole trader and really small business.. I need to report to the ATO but finding it impossilble so far this financial year...

I do have Reckon Premier edition 2021


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    If you have Reckon Accounts Premier shouldn't you use that for your payroll?

  • vera harper
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    I dont know if i can and if i can will i be able to upload it to the ATO

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    @vera harper It might be better to contact your Accountant to seek some guidance in your situation. ATO STP reporting rules have changed recently. The main difference between Reckon STP that you mention and Reckon Basic Payroll App is the way Salary amounts are entered. Instead of fixed amounts the Payroll App requires hourly rate.

    Say you are paying $1000 per week to full time employee - this needs to be converted to hourly rate and hours worked as Ordinary earnings. Usually a week full time is 40 hours. So hourly rate = 1000/40 = $25 per hour. Legally the super guarantee should be 10% which equates to $100. If you pay additional super then this needs to be treated as Reportable Employer Super Contribution. You will have to enter the actual Superannuation amount similar to what you did in STP app but under Super guarantee. (not salary sacrifice).

    You can enter all leave as 0 hours considering Basic Payroll App does not handle leave reporting in any case.

    The ATO STP reporting does not care if your full time staff has work or not. A convenient option may be to create Payruns on monthly basis. ATO reporting system in any case accumulates everything on a Year To Date basis. It is the EOFY figures that matter and you can always adjust amounts to what was actually paid for the year before running the EOFY Finalisation report in June/July.

    As regards the casual staff - you simply calculate the ordinary hourly rate and super as above for the pay period being paid otherwise rest of time create a payrun with 0 amounts assuming you pay weekly or fortnightly. You can enter the super amount as well.

    Hope all this helps. Make sure you are using latest Payroll App.