Quarterly BAS, Monthly PAYG in ReckonOne

SuFraser Member Posts: 5

Reckon One - Can someone advise if this is really true? I can't do monthly PAYG on months 1 & 2 of the quarter, then in month 3 the GST & PAYG?

I made a comment on a post from 2017 from someone discussing this issue asking if this had been resolved (cos' I'm clearly new to Reckon One), and Reckon actually sent me an email - telling me I was in NZ (not) had the NZ version of the software (don't) and telling me where to go to do my GST 101 (wrong).



  • CarolineS
    CarolineS Member Posts: 8

    If you are talking about the instalment that is correct you can only report every 1/4 if you are talking about payroll tax you can report this every month