Moving to the cloud??


My accountant can no longer log in to my Accounts Plus 2021using Team Viewer...

Is there another app he could use??

Or he has suggested I move to the cloud with reckon.. Does that mean going to Accounts Hosted  or Reckon One???

What are the differences and costs for the two??

I am at the end of my business life and want the least hassle


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    A lot depends on what you want as far as your history goes, with hosted you have it all and visually it is the same as what you are using now, Reckon One is a different format and not all your history can be imported, although is is much cheaper.

    I dont know why your accountant cant login using Team Viewer, there are many programs out there that also allow you to log into your machine ie. Dualmon, SplaseTop etc

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  • Rav
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    Hi @Michael O'Connor

    Reckon Accounts Hosted and Reckon One are both cloud software solutions but are quite different to each other in a number of ways.

    If you're currently using Reckon Accounts Plus, then I'd recommend that you take a look at Reckon Accounts Hosted as opposed to Reckon One. The reason I say that is that you'll be much more familiar with the operation, look and feel of Reckon Accounts Hosted since you're currently using Reckon Accounts. Your existing company file will upload and open directly in Reckon Accounts Hosted and you continue on.

    There are some changes you'll need to get accustomed to particularly when it comes to printing, emailing and uploading/downloading files etc and we have guides on that.

    You'll find more info on Reckon Accounts Hosted by clicking the button below -

    Reckon One on the other hand, while a much more affordable option, operates on a different technology platform and its features can be customised through modules. Your existing Reckon Accounts company file would require data migration to it and there will be somewhat of a re-learning process in terms of how to use the software etc. While its not as feature rich as Hosted or Reckon Accounts just yet, it will grow to that level in the near future.

    More info on Reckon One below -

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  • Kris_Williams
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    Chrome Remote Desktop is what I have been using since TeamViewer stopped working for me. You just need a gmail email address which is easy to do

  • Michael O'Connor_7053891
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    Thank you all this has been very helpful😀