Pay Run showing under 'STP' tab but not under 'Pay runs' tab


I've got a Pay Run that has been successfully submitted to ATO (shows under the ATO portal) and which shows under the 'STP' tab of the Payroll App, but it doesn't show under the 'Pay runs' tab. Of the 5 Pay Runs I've done this financial year, this latest run (submitted 26 Aug) is the only one with this problem.

As a consequence, I cannot make an update to the Pay run which, unfortunately, I need to do.

Any ideas as to how I get this particular Pay Run to appear under the 'Pay runs' tab??

cheers, chris.



  • swakhlu01 .
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    @CSDavis Are you able to confirm if the 26Aug Payrun was done from within the Payroll App and not through the old STP app (by mistake). One option might be to logout of the app and log again. This might sync the data with the server to the correct state. Also may need to confirm you are on the latest version of the app - 2.12.6.

    To reconfirm if Reckon Payroll app has the correct Payrun transactions you could check in the web view of payroll app -

    use your app login email and password and enter authenticaion pin received on the mobile. If the Payrun is not appearing in this view then Reckon support will need to investigate the missing payrun that you mention.

  • CSDavis
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    Hi @swakhlu01 .

    The run was definitely submitted in the Payroll App - the older STP app is no longer on my phone.

    Checking in the web view - it shows the same scenario where the Pay Run exists under the 'STP' tab but not under the Pay runs' tab.

    I'm running version 2.12.16 of the app which I think is the latest version - was that a typo where you referred to 2.12.6?

    thanks for the help so far


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @CSDavis My apologies. The latest version is 2.12.16 as you point out. It was definitely a typo on my part. I am getting an impression based on the details you have lised, this is something for the Reckon support team to look into. Good luck.

  • Rav
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    Hi Chris

    That sounds really strange. Is there any chance that specific pay run may have been reverted back to draft and then subsequently deleted?

  • CSDavis
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    Hi Rav,

    I wouldn't know how to revert something to draft once it has been submitted. I did try to process an update against the submission to reduce the SGC portion to zero but was unsuccessful in doing that.


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @CSDavis Actually in Payroll app it is very easy to inadvertantly delete a successful payrun by reverting it to draft when you create an Adjustment payrun on an existing payrun.

    When you say you tried to adjust SGC against the submission payrun, are you able to remember the steps you went through before giving up. Cancelling a draft payrun is very likely step you have taken after you attempted an incomplete SGC change. Reckon will have to provide some caution in the app when deletion of a submitted Payrun occurs through cancel.