How do I solve Reckon Accounts depending on the register key for Internet Explorer to open?

Need the program to open and it will not.


  • Rav
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    @Rosemary Harrison

    In the first instance I'd recommend reviewing the info in this help guide linked below as it contains detailed steps on how to address the Internet Explorer message during installation -

  • Rosemary Harrison
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    Hi Rave, thanks for the answer

    I have read this article and also other community posts on this issue from back in April. As I have windows 10 and Microsoft Edge in place, my computer is unable to install Internet Explorer. I have tried several times and each time the instal dialogue says it is there and it is not. Also internet explorer does not appear on the features list that can be turned on and off. This is not just me but I have read in many places that Microsoft does not want this reinstalled. Also Internet Explorer is being shown to be insecure as a browser and should be done away with. At the moment I am having to work on my old laptop with Reckon Desktop on it at the same time as my compute and transfer docs and reports etc. I have a number of clients who are on Reckon Desktop and will need to treat in this way. Very unsatisfactory. It is a busy time of year and I do not have time to try more fixing having wasted half a day getting this far.

    As a Reckon user since 1998 (OK it was QuickBooks) I have proved my loyalty to this company through my usage and recommendations to and support of clients in my practice. Internet explorer was released in 2001 and the latest version has been discredited and even Microsoft is ditching support from 2022. Surely it is time that the dependence on an IE trigger in my registry is updated. Could you let me know when Reckon Desktop is going to be fixed as I will not have IE on my computer any time soon?

  • Rosemary Harrison
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    Hi RAV,

    I have just solved the problem but not with the links provided which I had tried several times. I watched a Youtube which took me to Settings / Apps / Optional features / add a feature and then I was able to add Internet Explorer 11 back again to solve my immediate problem. This was only done to be able to use Reckon, which I now can.

    It did not anything to do with turning features on or off.

    It would still be good for Reckon to sort this out as IE will not be supported for much longer and others are likely to have this problem.

    Just letting you know in case any one else has this problem with Windows 10