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Hi all, I'm after some advice from bookkeepers/BAS agents please.

What qualifications do I need to be paid as a bookkeeper/BAS lodgement agent?

I have my own Trust/Pty ltd company with abn.

I have experience with Reckon since 2000 when it was QuickBooks, pre GST.

Since 2000 I've been working in my parents small business and doing payroll, bookkeeping, BAS lodgement for 4 separate abn's.

My parents are retiring next year and I need to secure my future. I'm hoping to work from home helping small businesses with their payroll/bookwork/BAS lodgement.

Has anyone here done a similar career move that can advise me?

How did you start? What qualifications did you get? How much do you charge per hour? How did you get clients?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Dafydd Jones

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    In terms becoming authorised, starting point to look at is the Tax Practitioners Board

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    Hi Daffyd

    Check out the requirements in the link posted above by Bruce.

    In summary, you need:

    * a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (as a minimum qualification),

    * sufficient hours experience (the exact number varies depending on if you’re a full member of a professional bookkeeping/accounting association or not) &

    * PI insurance

    in order to become a Registered BAS Agent.

    Note, you MUST be a BAS Agent before you are legally permitted to charge a fee for applicable services!

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    Because I want to and I'm free to do so!

    I have relevant questions and there's some people in the community that could help me for my future.

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    Thanks for your info Shaz.

    Seems to be quite a few things to be done to be to be qualified. The tafe course is 6 months full time or 18 months part time online. Either way is a bit difficult, f/t is good but it would leave me jobless during the day. Online is good but takes a long time.

    Maybe I could get RPL. I've also asked my accountant for a letter stating my experience of 21 years working under her supervision.