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I've been using Quicken 2003 for some years. Desktop has now crashed. Can't be re-booted & can't find original software to reload onto another laptop. My Quicken files are saved in the Cloud. I've read online I can't purchase latest version of Quicken in Australia. My needs are basic. Cashbook, trial balance, Balance Sheet & P & L is all I need. Is there a basic Reckon software product that I can purchase that will convert / accept my Quicken 2003 data files ?


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    The equivalent current edition software would be Personal Plus or Home & Business 2021. The 2022 edition is due for release at the end of this month.

    I'd recommend reviewing the installation & upgrade guide which I'll link below to determine your upgrade path. I will note however, there is no 'Quicken 2003' listed in the upgrade table but instead a Cashbook 2003.

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    OK Thanks Maybe it is Cashbook 2003 or a later Quicken version. So if it is Cashbook 2003 can those files be converted to Personal Plus or Home & Business 2021 ? My needs are basic as per my previous message. Which do you suggest, Personal Plus or Home & Business ? My current Quicken files are QDF, HCX, QEL, QPH & QSD files.

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    If your still having issues please call me for help.

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