How to move transactions from investment account to cash account?

I'm using Quicken Personal Plus 2008 under Windows 10 in Australia. I have an Investment Account for unit-based transactions in a particular security, but I want to convert it to a normal cash account (an Asset Account probably) for the last several years and into the future. How can I move groups of selected transactions (eg, for a specified date range) from the Investment Account to the new account? The transactions to be moved do not have unit values attached to them.

I mistakenly asked this question in Quicken Community and was referred here. But one person said the bulk transfer may not be possible as Investment accounts have a different structure from cash account. Does that sound right?


  • Lindsay Graham
    Lindsay Graham Member Posts: 12

    Interested to hear from anybody with ideas on this question. Doing the transfer transaction by transaction will be very tedious, so I'm really keen to find out whether there is any sort of workaround that might help.

    Any ideas out there? Thank you in anticipation.