Reckon Customer Portal Office 365 Login

We have 2 staff members who are unable to log into the Reckon Customer Portal.

They have both previously been able to login using their Office 365 credentials but now when they try and log in, there is a window popup for a moment then disappear and the Reckon Log In windows shakes but no error on the screen anywhere and they are unable to log in.

Both staff were removed from the portal and recreated but still unable to log in.

When a completely new staff member is added, an email is sent for them to verify their details and they can create a new Reckon log in and are able to log in OK, but the Office 365 log in does not work either.

I have tried to create a Reckon login using the same credentials as Office 365 login but there is an error saying username already taken eventhough they are no longer listed as a staff member.

Hoping someone can tell me how to totally remove the staff member credentials so we can re-create the user from scratch or how do I get the Office 365 login working again.

We are using Reckon Desktop with local server backup


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,091 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi Peter,

    I think we'll need to get one of our technicians to take a closer look into this. If needed we can either convert the existing Office 365 SSO account to a 'normal' one ie. that just uses an email address & password combination or if applicable, delete the account entirely.

    With that said, there shouldn't be any trouble with using an Office 365 account so I think the first thing would be for us to take a look at it a bit closer and we can get it to our devs as well if we need to.

    When you've got a moment, can you please give our tech support team a buzz and we'll get the ball rolling on this.