Leave loading not calculating in Employee Summary area

I have 1 full time employee so this is the first time I calculate and pay him annual leave. He is only taking 1 day of leave (7.6 hours). Under "Earnings" I put his salary and then another drop down box for "Holiday hourly" and put in 7.6 hours under "hours". In the "Other payroll items" box I select "Holiday loading" which is at the rate of 17.5%. However, under "Employee Summary" the "Holiday loading" area comes up as 0.00. I called the Reckon Accounts help phone line and they said it can only calculate on the full 2 week salary and not on any other amount, eg if the employee only wants to take 2 days leave or 5 days, etc. Surely this can't be right? Is there a way to for Reckon to calculate leave loading for 7.6 hours?


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    I never use salary only hourly rate, that way it always works.

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    The Leave Loading (LL) auto calculation is triggered by the $ value NOT the hours entered so not sure why you were told that - they may have been getting confused with leave accrual (which is always reflected in hours) 🤔

    I agree with Charley in that I only ever use Salary Payroll Items if it's for an employee whose pay is always standard by default/never changes.

    I find that for leave to accrue & track correctly on Salaries, it's best to always enter the "Hours" quantity (This is a select-able option in Preferences) as - even though this qty doesn't impact the earnings amount - this ensures the leave accrual/taken is always correct. Salary Payroll Items auto-calculate & apportion according to the hours entered for each whereas Hourly Payroll Items will just calculate based on the hours entered at the specified rate.

    The LL is a default Payroll Item that is already set up by Reckon so if the LL isn't automatically calculating on "Holiday ..." Payroll Items, it sounds like an issue with the configuration of these rather than the LL.

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