Change of bookkeeper - how do I change STP contact details

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Our bookkeeper has left and so I need to change our Single Touch Payroll contact details, from his mobile phone number to mine, as he said that a code is sent to the mobile number attached to STP for our organisation before it can be transferred across to the ATO. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have a MyGov account which I use for other ATO-related commitments such as recording our quarterly BAS and Superannuation payments. Thanks.


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    Go to and sign in to Gov Connect. Go to the profile tab up the top (the little man) in there you will find the MFA section Down the bottom. You can then view the number and change it

    you will need the old bookkeeper to give you the code when you are doing it

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    That's great - I'll get on to him. Thanks very much.