Doubling up on a Pay Run. Total wages paid for the year are now incorrect.

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Rav can you help?

A recent pay run which I completed on the 29/11/2021, which involves only one employee, came back with this message. "Submission has been rejected by the ATO. Either the ATO is down or Reckon SBR is unavailable."

I did some research throughout Reckon Community, and it appeared to me, that I just needed to redo the Pay Run, which I did. This second Pay Run was successful.

Now it appears, that even though my first attempt at submitting the Pay Run was rejected, my total figures for the year to date, reflect that I've doubled up on this Pay Run. I've realized in hindsight, that it would have made more sense to resubmit the rejected Pay Run.

Aaaaargh!! Is it possible to remove the Pay Run that was rejected or could I edit it with $0.00 figures and resubmit it??

I would appreciate you input and help.



  • Joseph Li
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    App Pay Summary was updated already even though pay run was rejected by ATO. Therefore it is not necessary to redo pay run.

    Edit second successful pay run to reduce its figures to nil.

  • TAPS
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    Thankyou for your help. Figures are all correct now. Much appreciated!!