Single Touch Payroll - update event v full file replacement

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Hi am on Reckon Accounts hosted and have realised that was an error in the last STP submission through Reckon GovConnect.

There were only two (new) employees on that particular run.

2 weeks later (today) have discovered a problem and will need to correct the previously submitted STP which was done on 3/12/21.

To fix the problem do I use Update Event of Full File Replacement when resubmitting STP for the 3/12/21 pay run?


  • Kris_Williams
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    It will be included in your next submission anyway so you don’t have to do either but I would probably select full file replacement

  • Mark_9766087
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    Thanks Chris ... there was a problem with it because for some reason the software had a figure in the gross on STP which was under, so had to reverse because todays run simply added todays run to an incorrect figure.

    I think (and hope) I am on the right track and when resubmitting will use FFR as you suggested.

    Problem stemmed from Salary Sacrifice issue.

    Fingers crossed, thanks for you help!

  • Mark_9766087
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    I must be missing something here ...

    The initial payslip for the new (Sal Sac) employee for one week was as follows per the attached ( 2 pages & STP record in

    Reckon Gov Connect)-

    Gross salary on payslip is 1,442.31

    But Gross pay inserted on Reckon Single Touch payroll is $1,086.54

    What am I missing?

    I don't get it ...

    The $1,086.54 gross pay being reported to ATO seems to be:

    Gross $1,442.31

    less sal sac - 500.00

    plus SGC $144.23

    Why would SGC be included in Gross Salary? I must be missing something here.

    I redid it it taking a lot of time to undo today's pay as well as the possible problem one (3/12/21), but nothing has changed.

  • Mark_9766087
    Mark_9766087 Member Posts: 25

    Ok, have worked it out ... tax tracking field on payroll Item was incorrect ... have rectified the problem.