Server not available when trying to submit to ATO

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Like some others have experienced, when I try to submit the pay run declaration to the ATO, it says the server is unavailable and to try again later. It have never worked since I downloaded the program. Could you please help?


  • Lance Arthy
    Lance Arthy Member Posts: 19

    Hi brightoj

    I'm running the Enterprise version on my laptop plus I have the online Hosted version. Single Touch Payroll is not connecting to the ATO server from my laptop but has connected from online Hosted. I can't explain why. Weird, and annoying.

  • swakhlu01 .
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    Perhaps it was due to a scheduled maintenance of ATO sites through the weekend until 4th Jan. I was ok with my Reckon Payroll app payruns on 4th Jan morning.

  • brightoj
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    Thank you for your feedback guys. I will try the desktop version to see if that fixes it.