Pinch Payments Integration with Reckon One

Jodie_10862807 Member Posts: 2

I'm trying to integrate Pinch Payments to allow customers to click through from invoice to online payment. Reckon seems to be importing into Pinch, however I can't seem to activate Pinch within Reckon like I can activate Paypal, Braintree & ezidebit. So there is no link on the invoices to go through to online payments. Does anyone have any thoughts on what needs to be done to rectify this? Thank you. Jodie.


  • Julia B
    Julia B Member Posts: 1

    Jodie, I find the link appears after a slight delay in our system.

    Try sending invoice again and see if this works or alternatively send to yourself first...

    On another note perhaps raise with Pinch, found them very good to deal with in the past.

    Hope this helps.

  • Jodie_10862807
    Jodie_10862807 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks Julia,

    Pinch contacted me to advise they had disconnected Reckon One with Pinch as there were too many issues. They have reinstated it but it is a subscription of $40/month as of 1 Feb.