How do I provide dll files?

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I subscribed to Reckon Home and Business 2021 during that year. I renewed for 2022 by payment on 4 December 2021. When I went to use the program shortly after Christmas I found I was denied access. On reading the renewal emails. I realised that I needed to activate the new subscription.

Ben of your office told me I also needed to go to to download 2022 version of Home and Business. But in the meantime he could authorise my continued use of the 2021 version He proceeded to do so while I was on the phone. I didn’t realise till the call was terminated that in doing so he had displaced the files for the five small and separate accounts which I have been maintaining on the software. I needed to restore functionality. In the absence of available technical advice by utilising the Radio Button on the 2nd page after opening the program (“restore a data file I’ve backed up to CD or disk”), I restored all five of those programs. I can access three of those files.  One was partly corrupted. I am still unable to access the other two data files.

In these circumstances, I arranged for my IT consultant to complete the installation of the 2022 software and that has been done. He investigated the program opening difficulty, but was unable to find a solution to it. He noted that “dll” files are in fact installed on my computer for the offending files

Attempts to open these two programs now result in the following messages being displayed on the screen:

Message 1:

“Unable to load DLL: C:\Program Files[x86]\Reckon Accounts Personal\convert03\qd3.dll”

When the “OK” button on that message is clicked, the following appears:

Message 2:

“Required dlls for converting your data file are missing. Please re-install. “

Message 3:   “ …. Error Code 7146”

I submitted a report as requested. The Report ID is 273680539

Please advise how I can access the two files. My customer ID is 1583814

George Williams

[email protected]

0429 336399