Email Service Connection Error Message

Good Afternoon

For the past few months a lot of the time when I go to email from Reckon (reports, payslips, remittances etc) we get the following error.

Email Service Connection

The email service you selected to use currently cannot be reached. Please ensure you are connected to the Interest before trying again. If this problem persists contact your email provider for help.

Sometimes it takes up to ten times of attempting to send the items before it works. We are on the Cloud so we are connected to the internet.

We use Microsoft 365/Outlook for emails. We have contacted our cloud host and they don't know, they are thinking its a Reckon problem.

Has anyone else experienced this?



  • Rav
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    Hi Jocelyn

    Sorry I just replied to your other post before seeing this one. I'm guessing they're both related, is that correct? If so I'll merge the threads together.

    In regard to your error message, we've got a help guide which I'll link below that outlines the causes of that message and how to resolve it. I'll link it below -

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn Member Posts: 40

    Not sure if they are related, but if I don't get the error message and it sends something, all messages aren't going through. My outbox will not show the emails as sent if they aren't making it through.

  • Rozep
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    Hi Jocelyn.

    I am having the same issue, and like you have been having it for a few months now.

    I thought I may have had it solved but I haven't. Can you tell me if you have had any luck solving this extremely frustrating problem?

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn Member Posts: 40

    We ended up creating a gmail account for our emails to send out, rather than Outlook. This has fixed our issue as of last week. And I managed to send the payslips and all other reports are now sending.

  • Rozep
    Rozep Member Posts: 20

    Thank you for your reply.

    This is an email I was given to use last week. It works, but sent emails do not show up in sent items.

    instead of