Barcode scanner skipping duplicate numbers in a barcode

Hi everyone

I am using a barcode scanner to scan the numbers into Reckon Accounts Hosted invoices (we do not have POS and we use barcode numbers as item numbers. We use the scanner like a keyboard. However, the scanner skips duplicating numbers eg. 1233478662 will scan in as 12347862. But it does not have any issue whatsoever if I open notepad or any other local software and scan into it. Why is Hosted failing to process the full string of numbers? It very much seems like Hosted is too slow to process the data because any other software that is local to my machine processes and inputs it correctly. I have tried to change the intercharacter delay and the baud. Makes no difference.

It has rendered our scanners useless since Reckon Accounts Hosted was implemented and a lot of time is wasted typing in barcode numbers instead of just scanning. This was not an issue before when Reckon ran on our local server and we had been assured that all would work just as well with Hosted.

Thank you for any tips to solve this problem.


  • handi
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    Did you manage to fix the issue after all?

    I had the same issue today, when I was trying to scan the barcode into the invoice section.

    I thought it was a connection issue with the app and my pc, and never thought about the issue with Hosted site...

    anyhow, I've just changed my app (android app called SHINOBI) and works fine now. :)

    see the post below.