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Is there a report we can run that lists supplier invoices by due date? We are currently using the 'Unpaid Bills Report' but this also includes items receipts and if we haven' t received the actual bill yet, we would like to exclude these. I have also tried to modify this report but I cant seem to separate these out.


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    Hi Christine

    You can create your own report for this via the Find feature:

    1. Click on Edit (along top toolbar)
    2. On the Advanced tab, select Transaction Type in the Filter list
    3. Select Multiple Transaction Types then tick Bill (& Bill Credit if you want unapplied Supplier Credits displaying too)
    4. In the Filter List, you also need to select Paid Status > Open then click on Find
    5. Click on Report to generate the results in a report then Modify Report & select/tick to include Due Date from the Columns list. You can also untick any columns you don't need
    6. Under Sort by select Due Date & change the Sort in order to display by this accordingly
    7. You can also rename the report under the Header/Footer tab at Report Title
    8. Click on OK


    You can remove columns from directly on any report also by hovering your mouse between the column headings to the right of the column you want to remove. When the pointer changes to a double arrow, click & drag the column across to the left to "close" it.

    If this is a report you want to access regularly, Memorise it &/or add it as a 1-click Icon to your Icon Bar (under the View dropdown menu > "Add ...... to Icon Bar")

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