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I have been using Reckon for many years but I am about to give up due to the lack of technical support/help. Recently I have had a problem with the scheduled bills and deposits area. Like a previous user whose question remains unanswered from December!, I have used this feature to budget for upcoming expenses vs upcoming income. The last month it has been creating duplicate transactions. I was advised to run verify account. Now I do it every day I use the software (most days) and on average it finds 176 corrupt transactions that it deletes in this area. That makes me think the software is unstable and I'm losing faith as I cannot get someone in Reckon to listen to feedback. The customer service is terrible... I use Reckon Home and Business.


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    Can you elaborate a bit more on the actual issue. Is it all scheduled transactions that are being duplicated or some? Is there a particular pattern or commonality in the specific transactions that are being duplicated.

    You've mentioned you've verified your file, I assume that means validated your file rather than verified. Have you also run a super validate? (info on that linked below).

    Does the same issue occur if you test transactions in the SAMPLE FILE?

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    Hi. Thanks yes I did mean validate. I tried to super validate but that doesnt seem to work. I'm not sure how to check the sample file but I do have another Quicken file for the accounts I manage for my Aunt and the problem doesnt happen there.

    I dont think there is a pattern. Its hard to tell when there is so many transactions duplicated.

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    Pk. So I have been validating my file every day or so. This screen shot gives you an idea as to what is happening. I have since I first posted installed the 2022 version hoping it would fix the problem but alas no. I don't know what else to do!