A little bit of damaging on ND file

Ms Yuen
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Hi Rav,

We've discovered a ND.file has a little bit of damage issue when renewal the Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2022 and they can't map the file. Could you please provide the solution for our reference?

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  • Ms Yuen
    Ms Yuen Member Posts: 36

    Dear Rav,


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  • Omar_ReckonLtd
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    @Ms Yuen

    Try the following:

    1, When you see that error message displayed, click OK

    2, Open the Reckon Accounts program

    3.   Click the menu File > Open or Restore a Company File > Open a Company file (.qbw);

    4.   In Files of type click the dropdown arrow and select All Files;

    5.   Hover your mouse over <companyfile>.qbw.nd

    a.   where <companyfile> represents the name of your company file.

    b.   Care:  DO NOT hover over <companyfile>.qbw which is your company file.

    And click on F2 to activate Windows’ Rename function.

    6.   Move the cursor to the end of the filename and add: .OLD. Your file should now read <companyfile>.qbw.nd.OLD;

    7.   Wait a couple of minutes for the new <companyfile>.qbw.nd file to be created;

    8.   Select your <companyfile>.qbw to open;

    9.   You may get a warning with error code (-6129,-101). This is a benign message. OK the message and open your company file again. This message may appear a couple of times; click OK and open your company file.


    After your file is opening successfully you can delete the renamed file:

    a.   File > Open or Restore a Company File > Open a Company file (.qbw);

    b.   In Files of type click the dropdown arrow and select All Files;

    c.   Hover your mouse over <companyfile>.qbw.nd.OLD

    d.   Press the Delete button to delete the <companyfile>.qbw.nd.OLD file.

    The steps above are based on an existing article: