When entering cheques - in banking for the quarter (which are actually direct credits), I accidentally entered wages 1 fortnight forgetting that this is done automatically at the time of processing wages.

Then when I was reconciling, realising the entry had been duplicated, I deleted the incorrect one ie the paycheque one rather than the manual entry. Now my employee's accruals are incorrect along with super liability.

To correct this, I probably need to delete the manual entry and reenter the wages the correct way but I'm worried this will put balances out with STP.

What should I do? Would appreciate some assistance. Tried to ring Reckon Assistance via phone 3 times and was hung up on.


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @michkeady Reckon Payroll free app does not come with phone support. You will have to depend on assistance from this Reckon community team. Looking at the problem you have mentioned you will have to create a Payrun adjustment for the particular fortnight. However, I am doubtful you are using Payroll App. Please confirm which Reckon product you are using. Maybe you posted this issue in the incorrect category.

  • michkeady
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    Thank you for your response. I'm using Reckon Hosted. I think I have worked it out by deleting the incorrect entry and re-entering each pay. Probably not the most correct or easiest way.

    Thanks again