How do I upgrade from Reckon Accounts Personal Plus to Home and Business?

I've just bought Personal Plus (today) after useing a trial version of the Home & Business version for 2 days and entering lots of data to test it out.

I'm relatively sure I didn’t enter anything in the "business" section but the Persnal Plus full software will not let me open the latest version of my backup file (I can open an older one but it is very simplsitic).

I'm happy to upgrade to the Home & Business version as I’ll be working for myself relatively soon but I can't seem to find out how to do an upgrade - any ideas?

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  • Steve_Page
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    I was happy to get Personal Plus first and then was going to get upgrade to H&B (in ~ 2 years) at renewal.

    Actually I got through to the help line and they said can do it over the phone if I call before 5pm. So I plan to do that later in the week.

    I really appreciate your quick response Gerry - thank you for your help.