Changing Program but will still need read-only access

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At 1 July, we will be changing from Reckon Accounts Enterprise: Professional Services Edition to another accounting program, so will not be renewing our annual licence.

Will we still have read-only access to our historical accounts?

And, is there the option of a monthly licence/access fee if we need a bit of extra time for year-end adjustment purposes?

Thanks, J.

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  • Zappy
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    You can get a copy of Enterprise desktop which will give you access to your historical data. Call me Kevin 0407744914

  • Kris_Williams
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    You are using Enterprise Desktop not Hosted aren’t you? You can still use the program for reference, just not input any data.

  • Rav
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    Hi Jade,

    As you're already using Reckon Accounts Enterprise it will automatically switch to read-only mode if the existing annual licence subscription lapses. As Kevin mentioned you'll have access to your historical data however won't allow new data to be entered etc.


  • Jade
    Jade Member Posts: 9

    Thanks all. Yes, it is deskop. So I will aim to have all the year-end adjustments done before it switches to read-only mode.