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Afternoon All

I have Reckon Accounting Personal Plus 2015 which I set up in 2019 for my SMSF and it is working great except for one problem.

Every time I run a category report and ask it to sub total by year it does it from 01/07/2010 and then gives me no information from then until 2019 then gives me the details I want.

Not sure why it goes back to 2010 when I did not set it up until 2019? Any suggestions on how I can fix this?




  • Pierre
    Pierre Member Posts: 6

    Hi Sharon,

    Most likely your report had a system default start date of 01/10/2010.

    You can fix this from within the report. So, open your report. At the top left hand you have a Date Range drop-down window. Click on the down arrow and select Custom to Date option. This opens a window where you can nominate your start date for the report. Enter 01/07/19 as the from date. This report now gives the data only from this date onwards.

    Save this report in order to avoid going through this process each time you open the report. The easiest way to save a report is to hit the close X at the top right and this will ask if you want to Save / Save As /Don't Save /Cancel. If you click Save it will replace your current report. Now every time you run the report it will only use the data starting from 01/07/2019.

  • Sharon_9323871
    Sharon_9323871 Member Posts: 8

    Thanks for that. I did know I could do that but I have heaps of different reports to run and don't want to save everyone.

    Is there not somewhere I can go and set the default date in the system for the 01/07/2019?

  • Pierre
    Pierre Member Posts: 6

    Hi Sharon,

    Sorry. I can't help you with that. I am a long-term Reckon user and I am not aware if you are able to set a blanket default date for existing reports. When I originally set up my reports I had ensured that they had the appropriate start dates.