Customer Credits

sconski Member Posts: 5

Hi there

I'm a treasurer for a Scout Group. I have a member who pays us fortnightly in advance for her childs fees.

I dont have an invoice for her yet. I dont know how to assign her payments so that I can use them later.

Can someone please advise?




  • Jean_10862158
    Jean_10862158 Member Posts: 47

    why not do the invoice after she pays, and then mark it paid with the receipt?. It would depend on how your invoicing is set up that makes this difficult. Are the others done as recurring transactions?

  • Luke
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    Hi Sconski,

    You can create a credit note by going to Day to Day -> Customer adjustment notes:

    You can then apply this credit note to any future invoices by ticking "Apply available transactions" inside the invoice:

    I hope this helps.