Data file won't open with new version

I previously had a file in Reckon Accounts 2015 (I think this was the version but the computer died so can't tell you anything further). I have purchased the 2022 version, downloaded the software, installed key, etc but now get this error when opening the file:

This file contains one or more accounts that require access to features not currently activated (eg investing, business). For information on how to upgrade, click renew or upgrade licence in the help menu. 

i have gone to renew/upgrade licence but it comes up with there are no unpaid invoices in the list.  The next option was to try calling Reckon and their response is to use this forum as they can't help with áctivation' issues (despite being directed to that number through their help screen...sigh!).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Rav
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    Hi @JaneH

    Were you using Home & Business 2015 and have now purchased the 2022 edition of Personal Plus?

    The reason I ask that is the message you're receiving is usually related to your file being opened in a lower version of software. There's a bit more info on this in the guide linked below but let me know the details of your specific versions you're using.

  • JaneH
    JaneH Member Posts: 2

    Thanks so much for the quick response Rav. I've really don't know what version the old data was on - I don't have the original disks or access to the old desktop but could easily have been home and business. I've not used GST on the file but that doesn't mean to say it wasn't turned on.

    The link in the article to download the trial version doesn't take you anywhere closely related to the downloading of trial versions. I did find it here: but then hitting the download trial button doesn't do anything. Therefore, whilst I think the article may have the answer, I need to now know where Reckon will allow me to do the download.

    Thanks again.

  • Rav
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    Hi @JaneH

    Can you send me your Customer ID in a Private Message and I'll have a chat with our Customer Service team to check what software version you were previously using first and then also what you now. I think that'll be the next step toward determining what is the best path forward.