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We have been having issues in backing up the Hosted data file for a client which is a very large file. How do we overcome this as we need to backup and save for them. Is it best to start a new data file for them and input the opening balances as at 1 July 2022. They would like to refer to the old data file which has 20 years of data.

Is there any way of getting the old data to their desktop computer.

When will Reckon have a cloud base Reckon for inventory items. I have tried the Better HQ and had a few issues integrating with Hosted


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    Thank you to all I got the backup finally


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    Delete the .TLG file - this file continues to increase in size every time which impacts the working file size.

    A Hosted subscription also allows you to download the desktop (Enterprise) version & you can download the Hosted file & open it in that.

    I’d suggest doing this & trying to backup that way.

    A brand new file as you’ve suggested would be the best option & then you can just view the old one in the desktop version ☺️

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    Hi Waka,

    It sounds like your client has a very large data file which is preventing it from backing up, or taking a very long time to complete.

    There are a couple of options:

    1. Create a brand new data file as of 1st July. You can then use the old data file to view historical data. We have a knowledge article outlining out recommendations on starting a new data file. This can be found here.
    2. You can pay for a service where our data services team can strip the data file for you and you can keep certain data in the file and then have another data file for historical purposes. If you prefer this option, please fill out the data services form here.

    Hope this helps,