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I have a question about an incorrect pay summary on the Payroll app. There is a discrepancy between the total gross pay that has been registered on the app and what has actually received by one of our staff, during the 2020 July – 2021 June financial year. During that period, we were submitting payrolls using the Single Touch Payroll App. We are currently submitting through the Reckon App.

Currently in the 'employees' tab, we are only able to see the individual's pay summary for the 2020-2021 financial year and not the separate submissions, and therefore unable to check when the problem occurred. How should we proceed from here? Is there a way to check the individual (monthly) submissions so that we can track down the date/cause of the problem?

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    @Mee Kyung Kim - Please indicate when did you migrate your account from STP app to the Reckon Payroll App. Did you manually enter the employee's 2020-21 Pay summary in Reckon App or was it created by the system as part of the migration from STP app? Also please clarify what function in Reckon Payroll app are you using to check the total gross pay. Are the other amounts like tax and superannuation correct?

    Also if it is possible to check employee's 2020-21 Income statement from the ATO Mygov account that will give a confirmation of what amounts were reported to ATO.

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    The employee's 2020-2021 pay summary in the Reckon App was created automatically as part of the migration from the STP app to the Reckon Payroll App.

    The total gross pay was checked in the individual employee information section of the app.

    We also found a pay period in which we inputted the wrong value for the Total Gross Pay. Is there a way to change and fix this now? Or has it already been finalized and no more changes can be made.

    The records that we can check right now are only the totals (TOTAL gross pay) and we were wondering if there is a way to check individual submissions made in more detail.

    Thank you.

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    @Mee Kyung Kim Thanks for the additional inputs you have provided. I am assuming so far you have not generated and posted the EOFY 20-21 Payrun for this employee or did that occur from within old STP before migration?

    Has the employee lodged their 20-21 Income Tax return in which case they should have used a finalised 20-21 Income Statement from their MyGov account. You may still be able to make changes through the Payroll App if the 20-21 EOFY Payrun finalisation has not occured yet.