Tax File number wont add account hosted

Ghekko Member Posts: 1

When I try and add a tax file number for a staff member it keeps popping up with an error message saying Not a valid Tax File Number (no spaces allowed), however I dont put spaces in. Doesnt matter what I try or what number it wont let me click on another box or exit it just keeps popping up the same message. Ive used reckon and quickbooks for 20 years and this has never happened.

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  • Zappy
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    That's because you have used an invalid TFN. You need to get your staff person to give you the correct number. Its Reckon and I've been using it 23 years

  • Bruce
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    The only time I have ever received this message in when the employee has given me an incorrect TFN (so it is not a Reckon issue). Get the employee to double check and have them provide you with the correct TFN.

  • Kris_Williams
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    Agree with previous comments, TFN is wrong, if you need to convince yourself that it’s not Reckon add your own TFN in the box as proof