Gerry saved the Day

I have been a long standing user of Reckon Home and Business. My 2012 software served me well until recently when I could no longer back up files - always got a failed and Must Close message. The best I could do was to copy the file to (hopefully) preserve my work.

After 4 frustrating calls (partly due to drop offs on my phone) it was suggested that I upgrade to the 2022 subscription because of the interaction with the latest Microsoft versions.

On my 4th call I intended to make the purchase but this time I spoke to Julie who very sensibly pointed me to the free trial which I happily did.

Unfortunately, the updated software made absolutely no difference to my back up problem and I was referred to Support only to find that, after dialling in, the technician discovered he was not authorised to support the Desktop range.

I was exasperated and told my only option was to 'question' the Community which I had already done but the fix I found (copy and validate) did not work.

Despondent and doubting I tried the Community forum once more and saw a reply that simply said Ring Gerry 0418907140.

Gerry Winter (business name: Reckon Store Next Door) saved my bacon. Within 20 minutes I was sailing along after what was actually a simple fix involving cleaning out old files and renaming the best copies. As a reseller I bought the 2022 version from him and happily paid for his service.

Feedback to Reckon

  1. Please call the customer straight back if the call drops. It was a waste of time explaining the problem 4 times although it was good fortune to strike Julie despite her not realising Support does not service the Desktop product.
  2. Please advise the customer that a reseller like Gerry can solve all Desktop problems. He is a trainer too.

Such actions would have saved me hours of frustration particularly given the time of year! (30/06/22 is looming)