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Ok so when reconciling my end of year Payroll it would seem that throughout the year we mistakenly had a payroll deduction listed as a Allowance in the items list. So throughout the year 21/22 there are a number of instances where this occured. The result being that for those employees involved the gross figure on their PAYG payment summaries was incorrect. So I have gone back and corrected the deduction in the item list as part of Gross payments (albeit a negative) which has corrected the Individual PAYG Payment summaries (all good) however when I go to Finalise the Year in STP and then check each employees details the amounts are still coming up as Allowances ??? So the details are now correct in Reckon - how do I correct them in STP ??? thanks.


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    You need to change the current mapping of the deduction Payroll Item which at the moment, is still linked to one of the Allowance categories.

    (Depending on what the deduction is for, it should probably be set to None)

    TIP: Use a Payroll Summary report, modified for the FY to date & displaying Columns as per your pay runs (eg Week, Two Weeks etc). Before you submit your STP each time, check the totals against this to ensure your figures are correct throughout the year. This ensures your submissions are always accurate as you go, preventing issues not being discovered until you finalise ☺️

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    Many Thanks Shaz. All sorted.