Missing information for EOFY

I have updated Reckon accounts 2021 to 2022 and realised that 2 of the June 2021 pay runs have not been entered before the update was installed. Is there any way to enter them now so they are included in employees 2021/22 taxable income and run finalise year? If so, how do I do this.




  • Rav
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    Yes you can create those pay runs in your new version, however just take care with certain elements such as super as the 2022 edition has removed the $450 minimum monthly threshold and also increased the default rate to 10.5%.

    If there are any other considerations that apply such as HECS and HELP, please be mindful that the tax table has been updated for that as well.

    Ensure that you date those pay runs in the financial year that they belong in (pay date).

  • suegray
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    Have dated pay runs for last financial year, but when I try to process them through GovConnect I cannot locate the STP files that they were saved to. It only shows the files that I have already submitted.

  • Kris_Williams
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    Are you saying that you can’t locate them on your hard drive? You will only see submitted files in Gov Connect until you upload them.

    go back to payroll and click export and take note of the folder the STP files are saved in, don’t export again but just look at the full name of the folder.

  • suegray
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    Thanks Kris,

    My problem is I am trying to upload the files to GovConnect, but cannot get them to come up

  • Kris_Williams
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    What exactly is happening after you click on the file? They will display in date order, so if you’ve submitted any July ones they will be down on the list

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    @suegray When you install a new version/upgrade, the install includes a set of new default folders, including for Export Files & STP Files

    The system will now automatically be defaulting to the 2022 files when you click on “Upload” in GovConnect. Do a search on your PC for “STP Files” folders & take note of where the new location is ☺️

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