Smarter way to Search for Inventory to Adjust Qty or Value Adjustment

Steve B
Steve B Member Posts: 50

Hi guys,

Does anyone know a much better way - quicker/more efficient way to search for an item in the Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand function of Reckon Accounts.

For instance, I have 6 items were I have to adjust the quantity. I have over 5,000 items in inventory. When I open this window up I have to scroll through all items to find the 6 items to adjust their quantity. There is no search function to find and adjust.

Has anyone found a much quicker way of doing this.

Hey Reckon, you have a Search function in list to find items, why not here as well? next upgrade please maybe?


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,356 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @Steve B

    Do you use the search function in the main item list? You can search for items using the search function there and then adjust your quantity there as well if required.

    I've whipped up a really quick screen recording below just an example which hopefully illustrates what I mean. Click on it for a larger view.

    (Note screen recording is an example only and is shot on Reckon Accounts Hosted as opposed to Reckon Accounts Desktop as I'm in between PC's at the moment.)

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  • Steve B
    Steve B Member Posts: 50

    Hi @Rav

    Thank you for your reply and the GIF. What you have shown is great when you have 2 or 10 items in inventory. As I mentioned I have over 5,000 inventory items, so using your method as you illustrated does not work and this is why I put up the post asking for a better way.

    When you click on Adjust Quantity is does not take you directly to the actual item in inventory and then you have to scroll through all 5,000 + items to find it. Please see my GIF illustration for a better understanding of what my issue is.

  • Steve B
    Steve B Member Posts: 50

    The GIF is rather tiny. Not sure why. So here is the MP4 of the issue @Rav