FaceID, 2FA, and username/password Login for iOS

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I seem to be having a different login sequence from week to week, session to session. I am sometimes asked to login with the username and password, sometimes with Face ID and 2FA. Last week when I used it I toggled Face ID to be on, but it seems to switch it off on it's own. I am running version 2.24.45, on iOS version 15.6

This is today's experience:

a) Earlier this morning:

  1. Open App
  2. App asked me do I want to enable Face ID
  3. I toggle to yes
  4. App then recognises my face and accepts (note: or this may have come after step 5)
  5. App then requests 2FA passcode from text messages
  6. I enter 2FA code
  7. App accepts code and opens

b) Later this morning:

  1. Open App
  2. App asked me for username and password
  3. I enter username and password
  4. App opens

c) Immediately after b above I re-tested it

  1. Close app (swipe up to close it)
  2. Open App
  3. App asks for 2FA code
  4. I enter 2FA code
  5. App opens

If I do a re-test again now immediately after c, I get the same sequence as c) . It's not the first time I've been reverted back to username/password by the app. And I always set faceID to yes, but it seems to not remember that.

Q: Does this mean Face ID is working in the background and 2FA is on top of the face ID? Or does it mean I am logging in with 2FA alone?

Q: Is it now working as expected i.e. scenario c?

Q: Ideally I would like to just login with Face ID i.e. open app, face is recognised and it opens. Is this possible?

Q: As a security measure, will the app reset the login sequence back to scenario a or b if I do not use it for a certain amount of time and if so, what is the time period e.g. one week?


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    Ok so I opened the app again today - first time since the post above. Now it has gone back to asking me for the username and password. It then asked whether I want to enable Face ID, I toggle yes, and then it validates my face and let’s me in. If I go to reopen the app, it asks me for username and password again.